If you are an EntrepreneursBusiness OwnerCoachExpert, Author or Therapist who want More Success with Less Effort

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Our proprietary and unique Champion Business Blueprint™ makes business simple, easy and profitable.

You see,

 you do not become a Business Champion
by doing thousands of things 7 times
 but by doing a 7 things thousands of times!

The trick of course is to know which 7 to focus on, and how to perform them effectively.

Our blueprint teaches you how to explode your bottom line through Precision, Timing and Speed.

Expect Extreme Results … And Fast.

We give you the Edge. The difference that makes the difference. No fluff, no fancy language. Just what works.

Some would label our training as a

  • Fast Track practical MBA
  • LEAN entreprenurship or
  • Business Mastery
  • Business Optimization
  • Becoming a Strategic and Productive Business Owner
  • Complete Business Training

We say is it definetly inspired by all the above, but our focus is not academics or theories.

Instead You learn Simple yet Powerful Methods that creates results beyond your imagination!

The Champion Business Blueprint™  is a Complete Online Business Training in days – not years.

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To your success,

Jacob Heiberg
The Business Champion