June 22, 2024 “Conscious Living ” – Event Series 2024

” Embracing Wellness: The Journey onto Alternative Medicine”

Dr. Henning Saupe, Director of Arcadia Clinic in Bad Emstal, near Kassel, Germany – Treatment of Cancer and Chronic Diseases will be joining us

Dr. Henning is an award-winning doctor who received the Professor Olof Lindal’s Prize for Complementary Medicine for his contributions to medical hyper-thermia in Sweden. In 2005, Dr. Henning founded Arkadiakliniken in Stockholm, Sweden, and 2006 the Arcadia Practice in Kassel, Germany where he currently serves as medical director.


Following Dr. Henning is:

Dr. Yvette Whitton, Naturopathic Oncologist in Monroe, CT. who has referred many patients to the Arkadia Clinic. Dr. Whitton will provide her perspective on the benefits they’ve experienced.


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