“Customers are more than transactions; they are the heart of our business journey.” ~ M. Kammerer

“At The Business Champion, we stand as the advocates of local and regional communities, championing the business owners who drive our regions forward. Founded by Mariette Kammerer, a trusted voice on radio for 17 years, our mission is to breathe life into the essence of our communities.

We fervently believe in the exceptional potential of small and local businesses, and our purpose is to become the conduit that propels their remarkable products and services to center stage.

Our commitment runs deep, nurturing a thriving and mutually supportive ecosystem, where businesses flourish, and customers unearth the finest local experiences. We are fueled by the belief that by showcasing remarkable businesses and delivering value to our readers, we fuel the growth and well-being of the communities we hold dear.

With an unshakeable resolve, we provide a stage where local narratives find their voice, connections are forged, and aspirations come to fruition. Through our online magazine, resonating radio presence, and expansive social media reach, we provide an array of advertising opportunities for businesses, ensuring they rightfully secure a place in the hearts and minds of our audience.

The Business Champion isn’t just a media platform; it mirrors our dedication to the communities we proudly belong to. Our mission is to be the catalyst for positive transformation, an endless source of inspiration, and a guiding light of opportunity. We’re here to celebrate the richness of local culture, empower the dreams of entrepreneurs, and draw our communities even closer.

Join us on this journey to transform each day into a ‘Daily Deal’ for the cherished communities of Connecticut. We are The Business Champion, and we’re here to amplify the voices of local businesses, salute the spirit of our regions, and enhance the lives of all who call this place home.”

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