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Chris Gilbert MD Ph.D. is a physician, writer, and speaker who has pioneered innovative techniques in holistic and integrative, described in her book on mind-body medicine, The Listening Cure. She is also the author of Dr. Chris’s A, B, C’s of Health and The French Stethoscope.  Dr. Gilbert, who had private practices in France and California and served with Doctors Without Borders in Africa and Asia, is also a certified specialist in Hyperbaric Medicine and served as a medical consultant to TV and Motion Picture productions.

Dr. Gilbert is also a regular writer for Psychology Today. She covers a variety of topics including Havana Syndrome and mind-body medicine. Dr. Gilbert and her husband Dr. Haseltine also recently served as war correspondents traveling to Ukraine to cover the conflict there and wrote together their latest book: Riding the Monster: Five ways to innovate inside bureaucracies.

Eric Haseltine, Ph.D. is a named inventor on 67 patents and former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering. He served as Director of Research at the NSA and Director of Science and Technology for the U.S. Intelligence Community. Currently, Chairman of the Board of the US Technology Leadership Council, he is a regular writer for Psychology Today and the author of 4 books on innovation, science, and technology, including his espionage techno-thriller: The Spy In Moscow Station and his most recent book with co-author Dr. Chris Gilbert: Riding the Monster: Five ways to innovate inside bureaucracies.